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   Zip Code Search
Search for your zip code to see if we will be able to deliver to your area (We are estimating approx 89% of all zip codes will be covered by end of April 2021).   (NY, UT, VT and ME have online vapor sales bans) (All other states should be covered.  We are checking into Colorado).  

If we do not cover your area yet, please consider shipping to a friend or family member who is covered.  Consumers may send lightweight shipments mailed between adult individuals, limited to 10 per 30-day period;  If you have a friend or relative near one our stores, you can order online-pick up in store. 

Please enter your ZIP CODE:   (We will update this list every few days)  (as of 4/2/2021:  18,286 zip codes are covered or in progress)

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