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   Zip Code Search
Search for your zip code to see if we will be able to deliver to your area .   (NY, UT, VT and ME have online vapor sales bans) (All other states should be covered.  We are checking into Colorado & other areas that should be covered).  

If we do not cover your area yet, please consider shipping to a friend or family member who is covered.  Consumers may send lightweight shipments mailed between adult individuals, limited to 10 per 30-day period;  If you have a friend or relative near one our stores, you can order online-pick up in store. 

Please enter your ZIP CODE:   
May 13, 2021 New coverage available today! NJ, KY, TX, DC, MD, VA, and more!
(as of May 04, 2021:  24,755 zip codes are covered or in progress)

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